Art for me is a method of healing - a ritual of spiritual growth. For me growing means constantly changing and adjusting yourself to something new. My work represents my roots and origins. I believe that is the reason why culture has played such an important role in my practice. Having gone through the experience of leaving my home country for the first time made me experience the feeling of home in a different way. Having lived abroad, I felt homesick and I found myself thinking how deeply uncomfortable this process is - facing parts of myself that I had never seen before. In order to overcome this pain I create art and that very often requires to sacrifice a part of myself.

The relationship between human as an individual and human in the context of culture has been the main theme throughout my artistic practise. I want to show that we as individuals are much more connected than we are apart. Currently, I’m looking into the topic of belonging in the context of inner silence, home, culture.

I want to explore this topic through the following four questions - What can we learn from each other's culture? What is the meaning of home and how has it changed during the times? How do we interact with space and what kind of role does it play in the sense of belonging? What are the essential elements that create a sense of belonging? Is there a specific smell, sound, taste that describes this feeling of belonging?


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